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New Hampshire

The group maintaining this site does not endorse nor vouch for any of the facilities listed here. Please be sure to confirm with the licensing state agency that the facility of interest is one in good standing and that it provides safe and appropriate standards of care.

  • Parkland Medical Center for Wellness
    • Location: Derry, NH
    • For information, ph. 603-421-3740
    • The Parkland Center for Emotional Wellness offers treatment strategies for individuals with acute emotional health stressors/symptoms which cannot be safely and adequately addressed on an outpatient basis. Our program also has the capacity to treat individuals who may have a medical condition in addition to the emotional crisis they may be experiencing. Our services incorporate a collaborative, interdisciplinary treatment team approach to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. In order to foster positive outcomes, the treatment team is comprised of the patient, facility staff, the patient family and/or significant support system, as well as engagement with after care providers. The assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of patient care and safety are performed by a therapeutic team consisting of physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, case managers, activity therapists, educators, and clinical nutritionists.
  • Mountain Valley Treatment
    • For Information, ph. 603-989-3500
    • The mission of the Mountain Valley Treatment Center is to provide the highest quality mental health treatment of anxiety and related disorders through a comprehensive and collaborative therapeutic milieu within a structured environment. The Mountain Valley Treatment Center has been established to provide intensive residential treatment to teenagers struggling with severe anxiety and related disorders.
  • Wediko School and Summer Program
    • Location: 11 Bobcat Blvd., Windsor, NH 03244
    • For information, ph. 603-478-523
    • Established in 1934, Wediko Children’s Services works with students who have faced repeated obstacles in their lives due to a broad spectrum of social, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges; such as depression and bipolar disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety, loss, and trauma.
  • Merry Meadow Farm
    • For information, ph. 802-222-4413
    • Merry Meadow Farm is home to many people suffering from a mental illness who cannot meet the current societal demands in the community. They offer a supportive environment dedicated to individualized care and personal growth. Merry Meadow Farm bridges the gap between the custodial care of an institution and the demands of independent living. They offer 4 separate residential homes in the Bradford, VT and Hanover, NH areas.
  • NFI North
    • For Information, ph. (844) NFI-HOPE
    • NFI North has been providing key services for children, youth, families, adults and seniors within New Hampshire and Maine since 1990. Over the past twenty years the organization has continually worked to develop small community based services, using evidenced based practices that are designed to meet the individual psychological, emotional, behavioral, and educational needs of individuals within the States of New Hampshire and Maine. Services provided by NFI North include: Community Case Management; In-Home Services; Individual Service Options; Foster Care; Day Treatment; Community Support Services; Special Education Services On-Campus and Specialized Home Tutoring; Transitional Housing Services; Residential Treatment for children, youth, adults and seniors with serious and pervasive mental illness.The organization's programs and services work in a systemic manner building on the family's strengths in order to effectively address the challenges that confront them. Individuals who participate in our services develop skills, which support greater self-sufficiency and capacity for success within their family and community.
  • Webster Place Short Term Residential Treatment
    • Location: Franklin, NH
    • Admission: 603-622-3020, 603-934-2020
    • Webster Place is an alcohol and drug recovery community. We offer peer-based support and we believe that one person in recovery can help another person who wants to recover. The Webster Place staff practices a proven 12-Step program, and we share our experience, strength and hope with our residents. We are non-medical and non-clinical. Operated by Easter Seals, Webster Place welcomes women and men, 18 and up, to achieve sobriety, and stay sober with us.
  • Farnum Center
    • Location: Manchester, NH
    • Admission: 603-622-3020, 603-934-2020
    • The Farnum Center is a comprehensive alcohol and other drugs treatment facility serving over 1,000 NH residents per year. It is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency, under the umbrella of Easter Seals New Hampshire Substance Abuse Services. The Farnum Center understands how important it is for you to get the help you need right away; that is why we have a new screening process called Open Access. Open Access is a walk in service available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 11:00am. You will be seen by one of the clinicians who will complete a thorough Psychosocial and discuss with you what level of care would be most appropriate.


The group maintaining this site does not endorse nor vouch for any of the facilities listed here. Please be sure to confirm with the licensing state agency that the facility of interest is one in good standing and that it provides safe and appropriate standards of care.

  • Alyssum
    • For information, ph. 802-767-6000
    • The mission of the corporation is to provide a peer-operated, peer staffed holistic approach to mental wellness, discovery and recovery for Vermonters who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Alyssum offers a stay of up to two weeks, based on an individual’s need and acuity, for a crisis respite in a peaceful, home-like setting. Our small house has two private bedrooms, and is centrally located for easy access just north of the village of Rochester. Whole food home cooking, as well as a variety of soothing and healing activities, are included in the stay.
  • Confluence
    • For information, call 802-727-0019
    • Confluence is designed for young men ages 18-28 who are struggling with their transition into adulthood. Emerging adults face many challenges in increasingly complex social, educational and professional worlds. Faced with a high degrees of uncertainty, the freedom to explore various life choices, and social pressure to resolve these tensions, young adults can quickly fall off course. The mental and emotional toll can be disorienting.
  • Merry Meadow Farm
    • For information, ph. 802-222-4413
    • Merry Meadow Farm is home to many people suffering from a mental illness who cannot meet the current societal demands in the community. They offer a supportive environment dedicated to individualized care and personal growth. Merry Meadow Farm bridges the gap between the custodial care of an institution and the demands of independent living. They offer 4 separate residential homes in the Bradford, VT and Hanover, NH areas.
  • Spring Lake Ranch
    • For admissions information, ph. 802-492-3322
    • Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community offers licensed residential treatment and a variety of transitional options in rural Vermont near the village of Cuttingsville. The community supports and empowers people with mental health and substance abuse issues by providing opportunities to grow and thrive. Through shared experience, meaningful work and active participation in an accepting, diverse community, they help each person develop the confidence and skills to recover.
  • Forty Seven Main
    • For information, ph. 802-468-5325
    • FortySeven Main Street, Inc. is a small community dedicated to enriching the lives of male residents coping with mental illness. They are licensed by the State of Vermont as a TCR (Therapeutic Community Residence.)
  • Hundred Acre Homestead
    • For information, ph. 802-223-9122
    • Hundred Acre Homestead is a small, structured residential treatment home that offers a unique, growth-enhancing program. This healing farm community is for people who are challenged with mental illness or struggling with life’s emotional stress. The Homestead’s mission is about individualized healing and recovery.
  • NFI Vermont
    • For information: ph. 802-658-3924
    • Since 1984, NFI Vermont has created safe and supportive treatment programs for children, who struggle with severe emotional problems. Their goal is to work together with families to help every child succeed. Building on each individual’s strengths and abilities, they create a unique treatment environment at home, in therapeutic foster care or within small family-like group programs. Children continue with school and community activities throughout their stay at NFI.
  • Spruce Mountain Inn
    • For information, ph. 802-454-8353
    • Since 1983 they have provided a high quality, comprehensive residential and transitional living program for young adults. In the context of an intentional supportive community, each client works toward a healthy transition toward adulthood.
  • Hilltop House
    • For information, ph. 802-886-4567
    • Hilltop House is a State of Vermont licensed Level III Residential Care Home. Residential care is the ideal setting for individuals who are still independent, but who may benefit from assistance with the activities of everyday life.
  • Meadowview
    • For information, email Emily at
    • Meadowview Recovery Residence is a new 6-bed, staff secure treatment center for individuals needing treatment in order to successfully reintegrate back into a community setting.
  • Second Spring
    • For information, 802-433-6183
    • Situated on 45 acres of rolling hills, ponds, and hiking trails in the picturesque community of Williamstown, Vermont, Second Spring is a licensed, residential treatment facility dedicated to helping its residents develop and implement personal recovery plans that will help them become independent, contributing members of their communities.
  • Middlesex Secure Residential Program (MSRP)
    • For information, ph. (802) 828-5800
    • A 7 bed facility. The Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence (MTCR) is a secure residential facility designed to provide a community-based aftercare option for people who are ready to discharge from a psychiatric hospital but still require considerable support in their recovery process. MTCR is currently operating at full capacity with seven residents. All of the residents at MTCR are encouraged to collaborate with their treatment team in creating a strengths-based, recovery focused plan of support to address their unique challenges and interests. Available treatment options include individual psychotherapy, psychiatric care, personalized WRAP planning, substance use counseling, and regularly scheduled group programming designed to help residents develop and implement skills that will help them become functioning members of their community. Residents are also encouraged to participate in supervised community outings during which they have a chance to apply learned skills such as effective communication, money management, and making healthy food choices. Community outings also help to broaden residents’ exposure to healthy recreational activities, and include trips to local museums and nature walks. Meaning, purpose, and hope are instilled through individualized community reintegration activities such as participating in volunteer work, pursuing educational opportunities, and honing job readiness skills. Treatment coordinators at MTCR work closely with residents, their families, designated agencies, and other community partners to ensure that the discharge process happens in an efficient but planful way thus ensuring that residents have every opportunity to continue meeting success on their path to recovery. By utilizing a trauma informed, recovery based model, it is this program’s goal to offer people a safe environment in which to work with professional staff and peers to learn about themselves and how to effectively interact in their world. For specific information or questions please contact Deb Olivetti at
  • Valley Vista
    • For information and/or confidential assessment, ph. (802) 222-5201
    • Valley Vista is an 80 bed Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Co-Occurring Inpatient Treatment Center. Our comprehensive goal is to provide clinically indicated intervention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services reflective of best practice standards. Valley Vista treatment methodologies reflect abstinence-based recovery strategies, and embrace the utilization of community-based support systems, such as, Alcoholics Anonymous. Individualized treatment planning establishes goals and measurable objectives supportive of each individual’s growth, and desired outcomes. In addition, Valley Vista’s recovery management program provides recovery coaches, and other peer-to-peer support services for optimal success.
  • Vermont Foundation of Recovery
    • For information, contact 802-735-4340
    • Our mission is to create a network of Recovery Homes to help people suffering from addiction re-assimilate into society by supporting the transitions from addiction, to recovery, to independent living. A “Recovery Home” is many things. Fundamentally, a Recovery Home is a residential property where the members of the home agree to maintain a drug and alcohol free environment. Additionally, we strive to create a family-like atmosphere in our homes—one where our members are nurtured and energized by others who share common experiences, struggles, values, and goals. Finally, we aim to structure our homes to provide varying degrees of supervision and autonomy, offering a variety of residences to meet the needs of individuals at varying stages of recovery.

Elsewhere in Nation

[For assistance finding a program, you may want to use the services of someone who specializes in matching those in need of treatment with good options. One such person is Shay Butts, a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant at Academic Answers, Direct phone line: 281-961-6890]

  • American Residential Treatment Association
    • ARTA (American Residential Treatment Association) can help you make the best match. They are composed of more than 30 member facilities offering residential care to adults with serious mental challenges, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, personality disorders, and disorders combined with substance abuse. They deliberately keep their membership low in order to have personal knowledge of one another’s facilities, which lets them offer you informed recommendations. They are dedicated to providing you with information and guidance that will help you through this process. On this site, you will find general information on residential treatment, a Directory of Residential Facilities, with links to individual web sites offering detailed program information. They also give you professional guidance in choosing among the many options.
  • Gould Farm
    • Founded in 1913, Gould Farm is the first residential community in the nation dedicated to helping adults with mental health challenges move toward recovery, health, and greater independence through community living, meaningful work, and clinical support. Within this safe, family-like community made up of guests, staff, families and volunteers, all members are accepted, respected and celebrated as individuals. They work with adults who are living with mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar and schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia.
  • La Amistad
    • La Amistad Behavioral Health Services is a treatment center outside of Orlando, Florida.
  • Austen Riggs Center
    • The goal of treatment at the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts is to help individuals (aged 18 and older) take charge of their lives more fully so that they can experience more satisfying engagement in the outside world. A psychiatric hospital and residential treatment program since 1919, the Austen Riggs Center provides effective and integrated treatment for individuals faced with complex psychiatric problems. Patients typically seek treatment at Riggs because they need a different treatment approach. Through debilitating symptoms, recurrent crises, self-destructive or suicidal behaviors, and social withdrawal, patients communicate their distress. They have generally been unable to use outpatient or other treatment modalities to make significant progress in their capacity to function adaptively. It is common for our patients to have multiple diagnoses; and, in some cases, be identified as “treatment resistant.” The Riggs community, including both patients and staff, is a diverse group of individuals with varied life experiences.
  • Monte Nido,** Mountain Nest
    • Monte Nido offers a unique program designed and created by recovered professionals to heal women suffering from Eating Disorders and Exercise Addiction. It has several residential locations, including Laurel Hill in Medford, Massachusetts.
  • Hope Well Community
    • Hopewell is a therapeutic community located on a 300-acre farm in Mesopotamia, Ohio (approximately 60 miles southeast of Cleveland). We help adults (age 18 and older) who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depression or other forms of mental illness. At Hopewell, individuals are helped to: Believe in their own potential; Develop the skills necessary to manage their mental illness; Transition from Hopewell to more independent living situations
  • Prakash Ellenhorn
    • Prakash Ellenhorn is a private Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) team, providing comprehensive, individualized and multidisciplinary psychiatric and psychosocial services. PACT is the most widely tested model of psychiatric community care for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. It is endorsed by both the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the National Institute of Mental Health as a highly effective evidence-based treatment, and as a “best practice” in community mental health.
  • Silver Hill Hospital
    • Silver Hill is a nationally recognized, non-profit hospital for the treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders, a unique and extraordinary place that people have relied on since 1931 to help them find the path back to mental health and wellness. Adolescent and adult patients have the advantage of our unusually broad and comprehensive range of programs because Silver Hill is a psychiatric hospital providing inpatient, extended on-site residential treatment, and intensive outpatient programs within its extraordinary campus. Here the combination of an expert clinical staff totally focused on the patient’s recovery and an environment conducive to healing make Silver Hill a hospital that doesn’t “feel” like a hospital, but rather like a comfortable place in the Connecticut countryside.
  • The Ranch
    • At The Ranch treatment center in Tennessee, you’ll learn why you’ve struggled with addiction and mental health issues and how to cope in healthier ways. At the same time, you’ll reconnect with and grow to accept and love your true self. Instead of just addressing the symptoms of substance abuse and mental health disorders, we help you dig deeper and explore what it is that propels self-protective actions that are no longer working for you. Within a nurturing, non-judgmental, non-shaming space, you’ll develop healthy behaviors and thought patterns that promote self-care, self-love, honesty, integrity, passion and joy so that you can stand strong in recovery.
  • Red Oak Recovery
    • The young adult drug and alcohol treatment program at Red Oak Recovery® is like no other. Our focus is on clinical care, addressing substance abuse, trauma, and the underlying emotional issues that are often present. Sometimes these issues predate drug and alcohol use, and sometimes it is the other way around. We believe in addressing all issues in a simultaneous, holistic, and integrated fashion. Our Master’s level clinicians hold dual credentials, licensed in both mental health and clinical addictions. Clients receive 20 hours of clinician-led individual and group therapy sessions each week. Our program is small enough that we can individualize care for each client.